Monday, February 18, 2008

Spending on technology is expected to grow only 3-4% this year, which is only half of the growth experienced in 2007. Companies that work internationally are more capable of handling this drop in internet progression compared with companies that solely operate in the US market. Branching out from behind US borders provides a great opportunity for companies to expand their business, as well as endure limitations upon the marketing environment, such as a large decline in technological growth.

It is hard to determine just how detrimental this slower movement of technological advancement will be. Countries with prosperous economies, like China for example, seem to experience heavy growing consumptions of mobile technology and internet. With technological usage increasing, advertising options grow as well, heightening marketing opportunities, possibly compensating for the lessened degree of innovation in technology itself.

Even with damage possibly caused by the technological decline, expanding overseas allows companies to weather present economic instabilities on the US Homefront, while prospering in outside markets that have healthier economies. Such expanion proved valuable to companies such as IBM, who more than successfully integrated into global advertising, considering that only 39% of the corporation’s revenue is coming from the United States. Thriving in the global market is possible, despite technology difficulties, providing more security to a company
that can reap the benefits of international advertising and marketing.

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