Friday, April 11, 2008

Newspaper Spreads to London

The Wall Street Journal is extending its business towards the London market. This move will benefit those in the US market who can access the newspaper several hours before it is released in the United States. This international marketing strategy is a strong one for News Corp's, especially since News Corp just recently came into ownership of the corporation. The paper will be available in airports, including the Heathrow and London City airports. The London market will also be able to catch their US Wall Street Journal editions on a business and individual subscription basis, available throughout central London.

The Wall Street has a rather large following in Europe, with a circulation of 81,140, compared to the United States circulation of 2.1 million. This business expansion is advertised in the Wall Street Journal, being labeled as a smart in depth global political and business expansion that will allow for greater choices and news to be distributed.

This international business move will take place on April 16th and allow 250 locations to distribute the paper. While the news would be the same, the price of acquiring it is uniquely more than double. The London market would pay the equivalent to $5 US currency, while in comparison, the US market pays $1.50. Discovering how this new market takes to the price increase will be interesting. Also, I look forward to seeing how many US readers are willing to pay the $5 for receiving their news a few hours earlier. The price you pay for faster information is certainly a steep one.

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