Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Power of "My"

Brands are capitalizing on the use of the word "my" in connection with their products. This trend of labeling a product with the inclusion of the word "my" is an attempt made by advertisers to help build a more meaningful relationship between brands and consumers.

While Apple has been successful with their branding of the word "I" (among the ever popular IPod and IPhone), other companies are moving towards a "possessive" form of the word. The online community portal, MySpace, for example, is one of the most obvious and successful brands, which helps illustrate the fact that this new trend has been dominating the online world. Coca-Cola has made use of this idea, in creating their virtual world, similiar to the idea of SecondLife,

While "my" appears to be dominating the advertising team, it is unclear how long this trend will last. It is only a matter of time until the next prefix comes onto the scene. Both "i" and "e" are ruled out, and the question arises: what will be next?

[Browne, David. On the Internet, It's All About "My". The New York Times. April 19 2008. Online.]

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